How to Get Through a Social Work Event

World Social Work Day is here again. But this time, it's in the Middle East, Thailand, Geneva, and the United Nations! Wherever you are, how do you prepare for this important event? Here are some suggestions. Hopefully, these tips will help you get through the event without getting lost or stressed. We wish you the best of luck! Here are some tips for organizing World Social Work Day! But before we begin, let's take a closer look at the organization of a social work day.

World Social Work Day in Palestine

Today, UNRWA marked World Social Work Day in Palestine by honoring its social workers. They are the frontline workers who listen to Palestinians and their problems with an open heart. They received trophies from UNRWA's Deputy Director and area relief officers. In addition, they endorsed the six Palestinian organizations that are currently operating in Palestine: Adalah Justice Project, Palestine Legal, the Palestinian Youth Movement, and the United States Palestine Community Network.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) organized a ceremony honoring the social workers who serve Palestinian refugees in Gaza. Senior UNRWA staff members attended the event, which honored RSSP social workers. The social workers are part of the UNRWA Relief and Social Services Programme. UNRWA has been at the forefront of social work in the occupied territories, and this day celebrates their efforts to make the world a better place for all people.

In addition, UNICEF and partners held a two-day conference on social work and youth, with the theme of inclusive sustainable development. The event was co-organized by IFSW, the International Association of Schools of Social Work, and the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development. The event included plenary sessions and panel discussions. UN representatives like Natia Partskhaladze moderated the panel discussion. The event gathered over 2,000 participants from over 35 countries.

World Social Work Day in Thailand

On 4 April 2019, World Social Work Day was celebrated in Thailand. The event was organized by the Department of Social Development and Welfare and the National Council on Social Welfare, which are members of the International Council of Social Workers (ICSW). The celebration featured a keynote address by UNICEF Country Director for Thailand, Prof. P.K. Shajahan, and presentations by partner organizations. Social workers and educators from Asia were invited to participate.

As part of the celebrations, the Palestine Social Work organization will hold a workshop with the Ministry of Social Development. The IFSW Secretary-General will participate via video conference. Another event that will take place on the same day is a seminar on social work values and ethics. In Lithuania, the Department of Social Work Faculty of Social Administration at Vytautas Magnus University will host a discussion forum focusing on the World Social Work Day. This event is expected to draw more than 160 attendees.

The social work profession is a challenging profession, and a lack of public awareness of its role can affect investment and support. The Hanoi Declaration on Strengthening Social Work recognizes the need to counter negative public perceptions about social work. The Hanoi Declaration on Strengthening Social Work in ASEAN recognises the importance of combating negative public perceptions. This social work campaign is a crucial contribution to achieving that goal.

World Social Work Day in Geneva

The UN convened the second annual World Social Work Day in Geneva on Wednesday, March 16. The theme this year was “New Partnerships, New Alliances.” Over 200 participants from around the world took part in the event. This year's event was held via video conference for the second time, enabling participants from every continent to participate. Several key instruments were identified for the field's response to the current refugee crisis.

This year's theme for World Social Work Day in Geneva is “partnerships, alliances and inclusive development.” The conference will highlight the power of partnerships and alliances for a more sustainable future. A key focus will be the role of social work in advancing human rights and promoting social justice around the world. The United Nations' Geneva Office and the Geneva School of Social Work are organizing the event. While registration is free, participants should note that workshops are limited.

Participants at the event include international civil servants, social workers, students, and other interested individuals. The conference is free and open to the public. It will include a Concept note, Programme, Speakers Bios & Abstracts, Opening Statements, Keynote Speech, and Roundtable discussion. Further details will be announced in due course. Once you've registered, you can read the conference's program and speakers. The event will conclude with a networking reception.

World Social Work Day at the United Nations

In order to recognize the important work of social workers, the UN's HLPF is coordinating this year's event. The theme of the day, Co-building a New Eco-Social World, reflects the focus of the people's summit scheduled for 2022. This event aims to advance social work and its transformative power in building a better world for people of all races, religions and ages. It also strives to promote sustainability and trust among human beings while ensuring the wellbeing of our planet.

Every year, social workers celebrate World Social Work Day. The day is celebrated throughout the world, promoting a single message for the entire profession. World Social Work Day in 2022 in Geneva will focus on the role of alliances and partnerships in promoting social change. It will also welcome international civil servants. The event will be fully ONLINE, so attendees should download the Zoom app to attend the parallel sessions. The event is free and open to the public, though registration is required.

There are numerous ways to celebrate World Social Work Day at the UN. Many countries have their own special events in honor of the day. In the United Kingdom, Social Work Day takes place every April and is a day to promote social work. Many organizations, associations, and individuals are involved. The United Nations is a great place to learn about international social work and support its efforts to promote good social policies and practices. If you have an idea for an event, let us know!

World Social Work Day in Malaysia

Organizers of World Social Work Day in Malaysia are celebrating the profession with a series of activities. Speakers from the United Kingdom, Canada and Finland will discuss ways to reform the child welfare system and return social work to its roots. There will also be a forum organized by the Malaysian Association of Social Workers, where experts will discuss challenges and solutions. The event is a way to celebrate the value of social work and promote awareness and collaboration among practitioners.

Welfare work has long been a part of Malaysia's history. In the pre-historic era, there were no formal work designations or training. People would volunteer their time to help those in need. As society became more developed, more problems arose. Up until a few decades ago, Malaysians had never heard of the term “social work.” Welfare departments were simply known as “gotong royong” (community service).

The next World Social Work Day will take place on the 15th of March 2022. The theme for this year will focus on co-building an eco-social world and leaving no one behind. Organizers of this event include trade unions, United Nations agencies, global student bodies, and faith-invest networks. There will also be a People's Summit focusing on social work in 2022. They hope that social workers will make a difference for all.

World Social Work Day in Ghana

President of Ghana Association of Social Workers Peter Amos Tweneboa-Kodua has called on members of the association to have a significant impact on society as part of World's upcoming World Social Work Day on March 26. The day celebrates social work, a profession which is often overlooked in the development of a nation. There are a number of events planned for the day, including a symposium on mental health, and a national standardized curriculum validation exercise. Lastly, the Finnish Association of Social Workers is holding an international evening in Helsinki to discuss ways in which its members can be more active internationally.

In honor of World Social Work Day, the Alliance has created an advocacy toolkit for use on Capitol Hill. The toolkit contains resources for advocacy as well as a World Social Work Day poster in multiple languages. The poster itself is available in 55 languages, and if you plan on using it for social work in your community, you can even co-brand the poster with IFSW's logo. The poster can be used to raise awareness about the profession worldwide, so that more people can benefit from its important work.

Several events were held for World Social Work Day in Ghana, including a symposium on the role of social work in a society and a discussion for 700 social work students. Additionally, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) hosted a national forum for social workers and published a series of worker profiles on its website. In addition, social workers in Ghana organized a community sensitization campaign and a screening at a juvenile detention facility for HIV and AIDS awareness.